11 September 2011

This is just the beginning

I said I would update my blog once the term finishes and I did. I've written a few blog entries about my latest product discoveries and whatnot.. But somehow, I don't feel the drive to write something more personal. I feel like I've lost inspiration or something. Or maybe it could be that I've been so preoccupied these days that I don't have the leisure to sit down and write about whatever emotional shit hole I'm going through.

I guess so much has happened to me in the last three months that I don't even know where to start or how to finish. If it's finished at all. I don't want to be a stone but at the same time I also want to escape all of these emotions. I hate having a girl heart!!!

Anyway, tonight is my last night of rest. School's resuming tomorrow and I've got no time to lose. Last term was a term full of minor subjects and I hated it. Everyone thinks taking up minor subjects all term is a breeze but it's not. Actually, it's such a hassle considering you have to produce a lot of output, projects and reports. So I'm actually happy that next term, I'm going to start on my foundation subjects. It's going to be a heavier load, but I'm used to it anyway (hehehe). I will still try to update as much as I can, since I'm going to school from home (instead of a condo) this time.

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