29 April 2011

Lip Delight!

My life has been boring lately and I've got nothing to do but download torrents all day and watch them all night. Plus I haven't posted in a while...

Anyway, every one of my friends know that my lips chap really bad all year round (if you're my friend and you don't know this fact then you should be ashamed of yourself! Hahaha). It doesn't matter what the weather is- it may be sunny or it might be rainy- it's all the same to my lips. Well it's really because I'm not a water person. I don't drink water on a daily basis- screw eight glasses a day! I can't even finish one. So like I always say, I love moisturizing my body and my lips are not an exception!

Here are some of my favorite lip balms- the ones I haven't finished at least! (Sorry for the low photo resolution!)

1. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (Pot)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I've used Burt's Bees ever since I was in high school. It's great- everything a lip balm should be. It moisturizes my lips and brings it back in tip-top shape after a few applications. It's a little bit minty too (it contains peppermint oil and duh, beeswax) but not so much that it hurts when my lips are too chapped.

2. Simple Pleasures Lip Balm (in Grapefruit & Mint and Coconut & Vanilla Bean)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

So these two lip balm sticks actually came from a set that I bought from Rustan's. They have so many flavor varieties that I haven't heard before and that's what got me intrigued. The photo above has a different packaging from the one I have now, but it's just the same. You know how you always see those lip balm sticks to be a little bit dry and hard (it's because we all grew up with Chapstick!)? These ones are different because you can really feel it moisturizing your lips upon application but at the same time, it's not that greasy. I bring either one of this with me in my everyday bag for emergencies. You never know who you're gonna kiss! :-)

3. Maybelline New York Lip Balm (in Cranberry Jam)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

I always rave about Maybelline products in my makeup reviews but I'm not too happy about this one. I got this as a give away from a party I attended last year so I sure gave it a try. It doesn't really help my chapped lips in any way, but I guess it could be helpful for those who don't have lips as chapped as mine. It's also my only lip balm that gives a little bit of lip color so I'm not really a fan of that since I like to just put a lot of gunk on my lips.

4. Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm (Honey, Beeswax & Propolis) Lip Balm

I wasn't able to snatch a photo of this on the internet because it's a local product. I got it from my papa's girlfriend so I bet it's from Ilo-Ilo. I love putting this on when my lips are already moisturized because it's very minty and cool, but it's NOT good to put on when you have intensely chapped lips cause it's just gonna sting. I bet I could even use this as a lip plumper alternative. It also has a strong, medicated smell but it's not too bad.

5. Rituelle Lip Balm (in Vanilla)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

This one was from Australia. I've tried it only a couple of times so I can't really judge its healing powers. What I can say for now is that it's a bit hard to apply because (1) it's in a pot and (2) it's a little bit hard. I think I have to warm it a bit so it can gel a little for easier application. Also, the pot lid is a little too hard to open. I love the vanilla flavor though.

6. MOR Sorbet Lip Delight

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Here's my ULTIMATE FAVORITE!!!!!! MOR cosmetics is truly a lip delight when it comes to lip balms, I swear to God! I just love this balm to bits!!!! And I cannot even stress this enough. This also came from Australia, I got it last year- and I'm halfway through the pot. It's a translucent gel-like balm that's really easy to apply. It looks like petroleum jelly but does wonders better! If I could just rub this all over my body, I would! The smell is not medicated at all too, and it only takes one night to heal my lips. The only thing I don't like about this is that it's a little too greasy to apply in daytime so I only use it at night, after I've cleansed, toned and moisturized.

7. MOR Lip Delight Baume Pour Les Levres

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Since I really loved my lip delight balm, Ate Kathy gave me another pot before I left Australia. It has the exact same effects as my old one except that this one has more of a white color rather than translucent, it has a fruity smell AND the packaging is so elegant! Those little silver victorian-inspired swirls aren't just stickers! They're actually embossed. I just know that this is going to be my next favorite when I get to finish the other.


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