11 May 2011

Balls and hoops

So last Sunday, I watched game six of the PBA Commissioner's Cup finals featuring Talk n Text and Ginebra. The texters were leading the series 3-2 and the management and the team had to close the game that night or else they were certain they would lose game 7 to the Kings.

The red crowd was ecstatic, everyone cheering and jumping up and down from excitement because everyone knew they were going to win. With only a few minutes to end the game, the texters were still 15 points down. At the last ball possession, they managed to tie the score 88-88 in the hopes that the Kings would not be able to score a basket. Fortunately for them, it was at these last seconds when the Kings committed their worst mistakes, allowing the game to go into over time. For five minutes, the texters have regained confidence and were pushing themselves beyond the limit and winning the series 4-2 with a final score of 99-96.

Just like the last conference win, balloons were released while the yellow crowd screamed and cheered for the texters. It was a claim on the second win this year.

I picked up this tarp from the chair in front of us and waved it like a lunatic, hahaha. Just like always, we were invited to the victory party which was held in Kamayan, Edsa. 

It was my chance to act like a little fan girl again, going around asking for pictures and asking them to sign my tarp. It was a little bit funny, really. Anyway, we got to eat at the second floor, where all the special people were (hehehe) and the food was superb! Being a Japanese cuisine addict, I went straight for the sushi and the sashimi. Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of the food.

I think Harvey Carey looked so much better that night rather than the first victory party I attended :-)

What is a championship without its head coach? Coach Chot Reyes is a multi-awarded coach. He's very down to earth and a little funny too, but I'm not a fan of his drama on the court.

A stolen shot (L-R) Harvey Carey, Ali Peek, Paul Harris, Chot Reyes, Rich Alvarez

Despite his monstrous demeanor, I find Ali Peek very endearing and accommodating in person. We've had the chance to talk and he confirmed what I was thinking: that if they lost game 6, there would be no way to win game 7. 

Disturbed them while they were eating, here is Kelly Williams with his son, Charlie :-)

My first picture with Ranidel De Ocampo. I look like a midget next to him! Anyway, this guy's a real comedian, and effortless too. I heard the FilAms love him!

My favorite photo of the bunch, Jimmy Alapag and his wife, LJ Moreno. I think Jimmy remembered me a bit from the last victory party! He won back-to-back MVP titles with fellow guard Jason Castro. 

This conference's import, Paul Harris together with his girlfriend who was too shy to look at the cam!

Larry Fonacier. I used to think this guy was too mayabang till last conference where his speech presented him really humble and down to earth, but this second victory party I turned a whole 180 again.

Crush-ng-bayan Ryan Reyes. 

With my papa and the trophy.

Now with Jason Castro. I apologize for the blurry pictures. It was my Ninang who took those :)

Now that they have the second win this year, their only focus is to achieve another win for the grand slam. They'll be at a disadvantage though, cause they're only allowed an import of 6'2'' competing against imports of 6'4'' and 6'6''- depending on the current team ranking. Also, they have to resolve the problem of lending Alapag and Williams to the national team (I think it's for the FIBA in September). Losing these two players will give the team a huge deficit so let's hope for the best!

Time to focus on the NBA moreee

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