12 May 2011

Day 16: A photo of you in one of your classes

I stopped taking photos during my classes after my first year in college so that explains why I uploaded a picture that was taken about three years ago. I was a pre-med student back then, taking up Human Biology with the world's best blockmates ever! :-)

This is a captured moment during one of our Zoology-laboratory (my first ever subject in college!) sessions. We were instructed to dissect preserved frogs. Of course, I've already done this back in elementary- but we were in a group then so I didn't have to do the dirty work all by myself. This is my first ever hands-on activity in college and it was wonderful. After this, I got accustomed to the smell of formalin and eventually graduated to dissecting live toads and then cats (for Comparative Anatomy). Definitely my best year in college and I will never ever EVER forget this experience! :-)

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