12 May 2011

The Water's Lovely

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My latest buy from National Bookstore is a hard bound copy of this book, The Water's Lovely written by Ruth Rendell. 

I think what pushed me to purchase this novel is its captivating cover. It's very simple and almost unnoticeable but it does create an intrigue. 

Rendell has implanted the characters on the readers minds, easing their way in and out of the story, showing their own point of views. I think the latter is important because it allows the readers to unravel the conclusion all by themselves as opposed to a narration where quite everything is explained. The said characters have different fully explained backgrounds but they somehow manage to overlap each other's lives one way or another. I also loved how the images and events are detailed because I get to cast a picture of it in my mind. 

Anyway, I do not think that I can write a book review- I have to be much good of a writer to be able to do that and I'm only but an amateur! So all I can say is that I loved how the novel is written in such a way that it is very easy to read. I hate reading books that are dragging and boring, so I liked that this one is a page turner. I wouldn't say it's one of the better books that I've read but it definitely held my attention for the three days that I read it.

Although The Water's Lovely seems like an innocent novel, it isn't. Reading between the lines, you'll find suspense, horror and excitement. It's not a must read, but it's a good read. Three and a half stars out of five :-)

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