15 January 2011

Nothing catches human interest like human tragedy

I've read about Jordan Rice, a thirteen year old Australian boy who saved his brother from a flood, in one too many websites. Jordan and his mom were swept away by the floods because Jordan requested his rescuer to save his brother, Blake, first. In an interview, Jordan's dad told the Toowoomba Chronicle that Jordan couldn't swim and in fact, he was terrified of water.

It was such a brave thing to do -- a little boy who just entered his teens putting his brother's life before his. I couldn't imagine what that must be like; having to give up your whole self for someone who means the world to you. Imagine, he has his whole life ahead of him, waiting for him to live everyday as if it were his last. Life waiting to unfold before his very eyes. But he couldn't do that anymore, because he wanted his brother to live.

When I think about it, it's not that hard, really. Everyday, we put ourselves out there, battling our way through life and whatever it throws at us. Those of us with lovers give their partners their whole self without second thought. What is it to give up your everything for someone who means so much more than the world to us? If we live, and that special person dies, would your life be worth living? I for one, would rather die knowing that my loved one is going to be safe and sound.

If it would have happened to me, I wouldn't have a second thought about giving my life up for my brother. Even though we only see each other every weekend as I now live with my papa, I love him no less. He's the primary reason why I come home to the south to visit. I cannot even begin to tell you how much joy he brings me or how much love I have for him. He's already eight years old and embarrassed to be kissed in public. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like when he enters his teenage years. I'm too scared to even think about it... He grew up too quickly. I'd give up anything and everything for him -- even if my life depended on it. I guess that's how you know if you really love the person -- you start caring about them more and caring about yourself less. Being selfless isn't so bad when you know that it's worth it :-)

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