13 February 2011

Fuck the 14th of February, I love you everyday

Being a nineteen year-old girl (and I couldn't stress this enough), I've been in an on and off relationship for three years running. During those off times, I can't say I haven't been exploring my options. I've gone out with a few guys here and there but none of them actually made me think it was more than just dating. During the on times, I just can't get enough.

A lot of my friends say nothing could break me and my boyfriend apart now. Mostly it's because we've gone through everything there is to go through. Coincidently, it's like marital vows: for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. 

My boyfriend always says I treat him like he's my best friend. That's because that's exactly what he is to me -- my best friend. He's one of those people I can truly be myself with, no pretensions. I don't have to impress him in any other way than putting on my makeup (which I do for my personal satisfaction anyway) and wearing girly outfits occasionally. He's one of those few people I can share my whole self with, faults and all because there's never a fear of being judged.

But more than being just my best friend, he's also my lover and I am his. At this point in our relationship, I'd like to think that we're on the same path -- wanting to be serious and making things work. Growing apart for a while wasn't so bad after all. It just brought us closer.

I like that we're different in many ways, and the same in some. As my friend said, sharing interests is different from sharing personalities. I think we're the former. He's soft-spoken, organized and carefree. I'm loud, messy, and I like to have things planned. But we both love doing the same things: sleeping, eating, watching movies, listening to music; and we like the same things: sports, music, the beach. Point is, even though we're two poles apart, we love spending time with each other (well, that's if we're not fighting!)

Being in a relationship this long isn't easy. We have times when we fight so much that it's hard holding things together. At the same time, it isn't so difficult either. We got to know each other so much that it isn't hard to say what the other one's thinking. Sometimes, we just have to spice things up a bit and deviate from the things we do on a routine.

Being a "best friend" to my boyfriend, I'd also like to think I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to him. No, it doesn't mean exchanging gifts every time there's an occasion or going on dates we can't pay for. We don't even have plans on Valentine's Day! For me, being romantic means looking forward to talking to him at night when the day's over, or being excited to read his text messages. I even write him love letters or little notes from time to time. It's the small things I do for him that gives me that spark, that kilig feeling, the cliche butterflies in my stomach.

Point is, there is love. I've been in love only a few times before. Now, I fall in love every day, as cheesy as it may sound. :)

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