28 February 2011

Product Review: Miss Rose 180-color eyeshadow palette

When my papa left for Australia, I only asked him to bring me home two things: an 88-color eyeshadow palette (I wasn't specific about the brand) and an external hard drive. He wasn't able to buy me a hard drive cause it's more expensive abroad, but he got me a 180-color eyeshadow palette. I wasn't too familiar about the brand, Miss Rose, so I'm thinking that maybe it's drug store makeup.

Anyway, I was stoked to try it out, of course!!! I specifically said I didn't want a neutral palette. I wanted one with colors so that I can finally try out the eye makeup tutorials I've been watching in YouTube. This is what the palette looks like:

Photo courtesy of: http://butakimu.blogspot.com/2010/02/miss-rose-180-palette-review.html

What I like about this palette is that it has extensive neutral shades (which I love cause it's perfect for everyday wear) and it has extreme colors that I can experiment with. 

The good:

* The colors on the palette are worn as what you see. Upon application, the makeup doesn't change color.

* The makeup doesn't fade or fall out. When I apply it in the morning, it still looks the same at night.

* The color applies easily, and you don't even have to use a base, but it looks better with one, of course. Also, I don't have to use the eyeshadow sponges that come with the palette to be able to put darker colors. Eyeshadow brushes work just fine.

* The pots are small and might run out quickly, but there are so many shades of one color, so that wouldn't be a problem.

The bad:

* I don't really like how the colors are arranged. For instance, the browns are at the bottom, but the golds are on top. I just feel that it would be better if the colors are arranged via gradient.

* The palette is too big!! It won't fit into any kit, so it's not ideal for retouches (not that you need it, cause the color stays on throughout the day as aforementioned). Also, it's not that easy to store unless you have a makeup dresser.

* I feel as if though it's not heavy-duty. Like, if I drop it, the makeup will break.

Overall, I am happy with this product. Although it might not be a big brand like Mac or Shu Uemeura, you wouldn't know the difference :-) Four stars.

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