11 September 2011

Every girl should know that it's a crime to sleep with makeup on

You guessed it right! I'm going to talk about makeup removers!
The title says it all.. Every girl should know that it's a crime to sleep with makeup on.
No one wants to wake up with blotchy, oily skin and smudged mascaras and eyeliners, right?

Coles Make-up Removal Pads
I bought this one in Australia and had to bring like a hundred of them here because I love them and I don't think I've ever seen a product like this in our local groceries. Before I discovered these, I used to only remove my makeup using cotton balls which can be a little irritating sometimes because of the fibers!

Luckily, while browsing the beauty section of Shopwise, I discovered something similar!

Belle Purity Cotton Pads
Of course, you can see the difference in quality (fibers are more visible, but better than plain cotton balls of course!) but overall, it works just the same.

Left: Coles
Right: Purity

Together with these, I've also recently used a new makeup remover which is this one:

(I've tried google-ing it but no results came out so I'll just write what's written on the bottle)
S.A.N.E. Simple and Natural Essentials Aloe Vera & Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover NORDSTROM

Unlike other makeup removers which are liquid in form, this one is has a gel-like substance which allows you to use less of the product in one go. Anyway, I can't really say anything special about this product except for its substance form- it works just the same as other makeup removers I've tried.

Whatever you decide to use, one thing's for sure: never ever go to bed with makeup on!
It destroys your skin by not allowing your pores to breathe therefore they won't rejuvenate and replenish as much as they would while you sleep.

Well what if you came from a party and you're really drunk and too tired to complete your nightly regimen? I suggest you have these products ready on your bedside table, just in case!

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