11 September 2011

How to: Clean your makeup brushes

When I first started putting on makeup, I resorted to only using applicators that come with the product. Often, it would be messy and difficult to apply. So when I got my first ever makeup brush set, I took an oath to fully take care of it. That meant: proper storage and proper cleaning.

Usually, I clean my brush set once a month (since I use them almost everyday) and the brushes that I use the most (powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush, angle brush), twice a month.

If you do want to clean your makeup brushes, you will need:
- makeup brush cleaner or mild soap (I suggest baby soap such as J&J)
- water
- medium-sized container
- towel or tissue (whichever you prefer)

When I clean my brush set, I opt to use a proper cleaner (I use this only once a month):

I currently use BeautyPRO Professional Make-up Brush Cleaner
[ I'm not sure if this particular brand is available locally, but there are numerous makeup brush cleaners that you can buy in beauty counters and shops ]
It's very easy to use- just apply to bristles (don't fully immerse makeup brushes) and wipe with a towel or tissue.
Do the same steps when using mild soap.

When I thoroughly clean my brushes, I use both the brush cleaner and the mild soap.

Mix the mild soap (I use J&J's Milk Bath) and water in the container. Do not fill container to the brim. Again, do not fully immerse the brush into the mixture. Just dip the bristles and wipe onto the towel or tissue. Repeat as needed.

Do not forget to reshape brushes while still damp to avoid deformity. When done cleaning your brushes, place them on the counter top with the brush heads hanging to dry.

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