06 September 2011

Actually, the trick here is to never let the loneliness kick in

When you've been in a relationship for a long time, you build your safety net with that person that maybe (or rather, hopefully) nobody else can penetrate. I've come to realize that only the two persons involved have the capability to destroy this net, little by little, in the form of little white lies, big lies, infidelities, unfaithfulness, and whatnot. I've also come to realize that while you're burning little holes in this net, it's not easy to sew it together again.

I have been alone for a couple of months now. And when I was not busy with school, or when my best friend was out for the night, or when I didn't have my own night outs, it became lonely in my bed. It was difficult not having someone to send good morning and good night messages to, or not having someone to update about little things that happened during the day- it was difficult not having an automatic friend you can always talk to.

As the days got by, I could say I got better. Lesser and lesser were the nights when I cried. Everything sinked in eventually. And while I'm still alone at the moment, I'm not lonely anymore.

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