10 January 2011

The Girl Behind the Pink Door

January 10, 2011
3:57 am

Today, I watched the PBA game with my papa. There's an unusual turn of events, Talk n Text losing to BMeg and Ginebra winning against San Miguel. Both my teams lost tonight but it only got more exciting -- putting Talk n Text and BMeg on a neck to neck battle, 2-2 on the series; and San Miguel leading 2-1.

As usual, my body clock's ruined and I can't sleep. I finished Angels in Demons in two nights and I can say I've rekindled with my passion for reading. Oddly, I prefer to reread books rather than read up on those I haven't opened. I just have a feeling that I want to remember the stories that my books have unfolded before my eyes and I still feel so engrossed and amazed by these novels. It's amazing, really. I've decided to read Jessica Zafra's Twisted 6 next, a book given to me by my friend Jill.

Anyway, I finished fixing my room four days ago but I only got to take pictures now..

I'll take you on a tour in the room of the girl who lives behind the pink door

Here's my favorite quote written in lipstick on my mirror. A daily reminder :-)

My accessories and toiletries

My toiletries and bookshelf combined

My closet

I finally found good storage for all my shoes!

And my sandals and flats that I wear on a daily basis

The bags I frequently use hang behind my door

Bigger bags that I can't hang!

The DVD and CD collection of my papa

My papa's little corner! I know it's messy

Pictures :-)

Study table

My bed!! :-)

Another quote, this time written in erasable ink

My monthly calendar and planner

Collection of pens and pencils. There's my iHome on the right side. Pictures of achi and I from a CBE party are propped on top

Papers, scotch tapes, paper clips and other supplies...

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