10 January 2011

The Ball is Mine

January 7, 2011

I just had two hours of sleep from last night cause I had to wake up early today to run some errands. By errands, I mean securing a non-pro license because my student's permit expires tomorrow. As early as 6:45, I was already out of the house. Good thing my papa knows a fixer so I didn't have trouble finding my way around LTO. I underwent a drug test, physical test, written exam and actual driving exam -- I hated that the instructor was hitting on me, but I ignored it cause duh, I had to pass. I had to wait for about two more hours before my license was released but it was worth it! :-) Now all I have to wait for is the time when my papa fixes the Opel car so I can have something to drive already!

Anyway, I was late for the San Miguel Beermen and Barangay Ginebra Kings game 2. I got there during the second quarter and it was neck and neck between the two teams. There were a number of highlights during the game: Jay Washington getting a technical foul (actually, if I remember correctly, he got two technicals!), Danny Ildefonso and Rico Villanueva almost engaging in a fist fight which resulted to Ildefonso's exit from the court because he was given a flagrant two foul, and of course, Racela's marvelous 3-point shot at 1.5 seconds before ending the third quarter which made the San Miguel fans jumping like crazy on their feet! It was a slow game till the end, the Kings made numerous fouls -- Rico Villanueva and Rudy Hattfield were fouled out of the game -- but in the end, it was still the Beermen who won with Washington as their highest scorer.

Here's a picture of the crowd during a time out

The coliseum is almost always like this when the Ginebra Kings play on the court!

A picture from my view: (caption: Patron B, near dug out -- but I moved to LB212 because my Ninongs were there :-)

A photo of the new score board! Way to go Araneta! :-) The San Miguel Beermen finishing the game with a 6-point lead at 108-102.

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