29 December 2010

A movie review: Rosario

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I don't usually watch movies during the Metro Manila Film Festival mostly because the movies are just the same movies every year! There's always Ang Tanging Ina (I think they're on their last sequel this year, thank God!), Enteng Kabisote, and Shake Rattle and Roll (Will you believe this movie's on it's 12th sequel?)
Anyway, this year, I've been very intrigued by the movie trailer of Rosarioprobably because it was a period film. My ninong works for Manny V. Pangilinan so we got tickets to the premier screening on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, my papa and I weren't able to wake up on time as usual, and I thought I'd just watch the film with my boyfriend on some other day. Luckily, my ninong loved the film so much that he wanted to watch it again that night!
Rosario is a film directed by Albert Martinez. I think it's the first film he has directed and I must say he's done a pretty impressive job of capturing the 1920s era, especially since he wasn't alive during that period.
The film literally revolves around Rosario (characterized wonderfully by Jennylyn Mercado), a liberated and carefree young woman who has just arrived in the Philippines for a vacation from New York. She eyes Vicente (Yul Servo), a good looking and smart, but older man who works for her father and eventually falls in love with him. When her father (Philip Salvador) finds out about their love affair, he sends Rosario to the convent to pay for her sins. There, she learned to live the simple life until her cousin, Carmen (Isabel Oli) comes to visit her, bringing a note from Vicente. She then escapes from the convent and started to create a life with him, away from her family and relatives.
Rosario's happiness in her marriage slowly fades when her husband gets diagnosed with Tuberculosis - eventually causing her to commit adultery with Carmen's lover(character played by Dennis Trillo). 
I could say more but I don't really want to spoil the entire film for you guys. The movie is all about scandals and temptation mainly because Rosario's period had restrictions. Towards the end, she figured out that she could actually do the right thing for herself for once and turned her back on her almost lover (character played by Sid Lucero). 
What I also liked about the movie was that it did provide me with all the answers to my questions without it spoon-feeding me. Although I loved the film so much, I have to admit that it's not for everyone. Not everyone would appreciate period films; some could even find the movie dragging. Nonetheless, I'd definitely say this film is worth the watch and I'd recommend it to all you movie buffs out there :)

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