20 June 2011

La Fille De Papa

Hey guys :-)
Before fixing my stuff, I just wanted to share with you my papa's reply to me when I sent him the same exact message from my previous blog entry.

"Thank you for a most wonderful message. Yes we are leading almost parallel lives. I just hope you do not experience much of the hurt that I have gone thru. Staying at a condo at 19 years old gives you independence. Mine was a sadder experience. At grade 2 and 7 years old, I lived for a year with the Corpuz's while everyone stayed in Bicol where Lolo Manz was assigned. 5 days in a week, I would cry myself to sleep. No one knew that. It was just one of my experiences that made me grow up too fast. As I got older, I made a lot of mistakes and I paid for all of them. Of course I am happier now. I am truly blessed. I have a job, friends who are like family, food, shelter, good health and YOU. Even though we were separated for a while, I never left. I just continued to live my life. And now I have the one person I love most in my life- YOU. Just try to know what is right and what is wrong. And when you do what is right, God will take care of the rest. Goodnight honey. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you."

Talk about being cheesy! I swear, my papa addresses me like I'm his girlfriend or something haha and I love it to bits! :-) You see, this is what I love about my relationship with him: there's never a fear of being judged and there's never a feeling that I can't talk to him about anything. He's truly one of God's greatest blessings to me <3

Title: "Daddy's girl" in French. Want to get this tattooed somewhere on my body in the near future. Inspired by the tattoo of Maxene Magalona

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