22 June 2011

Day 28: Photo of you with someone you love

I lagged in posting this entry because I cannot think of one single person that I love most in this world. My heart is too big for everyone :-)

The perpetual photo. You saw this coming! The thing I love most about my boyfriend is the fact that he's also my best friend. I am most comfortable with him. He knows me inside and out. When we're not fighting we are very happy haha. Today we stayed together all day and just talked and bonded. It was one of the best days we've had in a while. :-)

He's not my best friend but probably my closest guy friend as of the moment. I swear he's all in one! Not the one I necessarily call upon heartbreaks and high moments but he definitely knows almost everything about me. What I love about him is that he's very chismoso so we share a lot of chismax when we're together hahaha!

We're not complete in this picture I think haha. But these are the people who I enjoy spending time with especially on certain occasions. 

This is such an old photo haha! She's one of the closest friends that I have in my life right now. Knows everything about me and although doesn't give the most concrete advices she will always say the words that you want to hear :-)

A very recent picture of me and my best friend :-) She's the one girl friend I can stay up late talking to about the most random stuff or the deepest possible matters. What I love about our talks is that we talk about LIFE not other people's lives and I do believe that we make each other a better person. We're actually roomies now and I see her almost everyday but it seems like we don't run out of stuff to talk about. She's not here at the moment and I kinda miss her haha cheesy! 

My cousins! I don't get to see them as often as before. Achi is on her final term in La Salle and it's a working term so she's extra busy. Nikki started going to college this school year so she's going to get busier by the day. The two little baby girls are the only permanent people I see at home every time I come home for the weekend. And when I do come home they give me super tight hugs and sweet kisses and they tell me stories about everything! 

The people who I grew up with and raised me and is a major factor in who I am as a person today. I do not live with them at this time in my life but I do miss them terribly and I love them no less.

The picture is a bit blurry. It was taken during PBA's last conference- victory party. Like I said my papa and I have too much in common it's scary sometimes. I haven't spent most of my life with him but almost all of the memories are good ones and it's always better to create new memories than to relive old ones :-)

If you ask me who I loved the most in this world at the top of my mind on instinct I would have to say that it's this little bundle of joy. Well he's not so little now and in fact he's grown up and embarrassed to be kissed and touched in public. I miss him terribly and I promise myself that I will see him as soon as I can :-)

PS: The reason why I don't have any commas in this post and I know I created a lot of run-on sentences is because my comma and greater than sign keyboard key is broken! Sorry!

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