17 May 2011

Movie Review: Blue Valentine (2010)

The Plot:

Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy Pereira (Michelle Williams) are a modern-day couple bracing through the world with their adorable little girl Frankie (Faith Wladyka). This couple, despite their immense love for each other at their young age are worlds apart. Dean never got to finish high school, is from a broken family, and never saw himself with a wife or a family. Cindy, on the other hand, despite a chaotic home, at least it was complete. She studied to become a doctor and ended up being a nurse in a clinic while Dean is a painter.

As the film crosscuts through time, the audience will get to see how they have become a couple and how they've reached their lives at present. They will understand how Cindy feels through with the marriage and how it is hard for her to raise a child in the environment that she and Dean have created for themselves. It is no secret that Cindy wanted out of the whole relationship and Dean trying to salvage whatever is left of it.

My Review:

At the beginning of the film, I've had some issues with it's pace- it was kinda dragging. But as the film progressed, I understood as to why it was shot the way it was: to let the story unravel on its own, only drawing the audience in closer to the characters as ever.

It is a story of how a couple fell into each other's arms and it's also a painful story of watching their marriage fall apart. I can say that this story is not easy to watch, given their painful circumstances but it was worth every minute of it.  I wouldn't omit saying that I love how this film has captured one of life's hardest heartbreaks. At the earlier half of the film, I'd been waiting for the problem to arise- I was thinking probably an accident. But you know what the most amazing part is? It's that the story wasn't centered on something that was bound to happen in the film. The problem formed as normal as possible and that's what captivated me.

It was amazing how Gosling and Williams have intertwined with each other, seemingly acting spontaneously instead of having a forced chemistry. I'd particularly appraise Gosling because he had done such a fantastic job characterizing two very different characters from whichever time the film is in.

I must warn you though, that this film does not have a hollywood ending. In fact, you almost don't see it coming. This is an epitome of how I want modern-day films to look like and be seen by the audience. A film that's not centralized on sappy romance but instead capturing the true essence of love and heartbreak that anyone, if not everyone, understands. A very powerful film that you surely wouldn't want to miss.

My rating: 5 / 5

Rated R on appeal for strong graphic sexual content, language and a beating according to the MPAA

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