07 May 2011

Day 15: Photos of you truly being yourself

I don't have a problem with showing who I truly am as a person but some people have difficulty "cozying" up to me and they say that's cause of the way I look and the "aura" that I bring into a room. First impressions of me include those of being mataray and maarte. I am maarte in such a way that I put lots of makeup on and I'm not used to doing house chores. I also enjoy shopping (can you think of a girl who doesn't?) and going to the salon, but other than that, I'm very low maintenance! Also, I reserve my being mataray for pervs and annoying people so not to worry! I'm actually very approachable than I look :-)

I am truly myself with my boyfriend. No pretensions, no judgements.

I am truly myself with my family. They're the kind of people who are very cool with anything and everything so I don't have to hide anything from them.

I am truly myself with my high school friends. I've been with these people since the beginning of life. I grew up with them, changing myself from year to year but staying the same all at once. They've been judges, but they're also real.

I am truly myself when I'm with my bestfriends, Quisha and Grai. These girlies know me inside and out! I can tell them anything and everything without the fear of being judged :-)

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