01 May 2011

30 days of memories

There's this thing in Tumblr called 30 days of memories where you're supposed to post a photo a day. I abandoned that list earlier this year and I wanna continue it now! Here are the exact photos of my first thirteen days.

1. Your FaceBook profile photo

Of course I have a different display photo now :-)

2. A picture of you in your room

When Mommy Lulu came home last year, she had stuff fixed around the house. I wanted to have a feature wall- it was supposed to be red, but the painter put a little too much white paint so it's pink! I also added blue christmas lights to my headboard :-)

3. A picture of your town

I used to live in Las Pinas, but I live in Quezon City now.

Day 4. A photo you don't remember being taken

I was pretty messed up this night.

Day 5. A photo with a parent or two

I have so many photos with my papa, I don't know why I chose this one.

Day 6. A photo of you on your birthday / favorite holiday

This was taken during my surprise 18th birthday celebration in Palms Country Club.

Day 7. A picture of you from your younger years

When I was a little girl, most of mama and papa's friends and family were just getting married. I was often chosen as a flower girl. I used to be a siopao!!! :-)

Day 8. A photo of you in one of your favorite outfits

I might not have the hottest beach bod out there, but I don't mind wearing a bikini! I'm a certified water baby and I just love the beach! I'd trade a bikini for a skintight dress and walking barefoot for calluses caused by walking in sky high heels.

Day 9. A picture of you making a goofy face at the camera

I was often teased by my friends for not having a "funny face". Well, this is the best one I've got out of my hard drive.

Day 10. A photo you may have edited to make yourself more attractive

I did nothing but put a sepia-colored tone to the photo, but it did work wonders.

Day 11. A photo of you trying to pose like a model / celeb

A photo from the "shoot" I did with my friends earlier this year.

Day 12. A photo of a vacation that you enjoyed the most

My ideal vacation is spending time on the beach. There's nothing that beats waking up to the scent of the ocean, having a buffet breakfast and walking out barefoot towards the shore :-) Of course this was posted in Tumblr before my big Australia vacation. Hihi :-)

Day 13. A photo of a night you regret

This was a photo taken during my 19th birthday. I came from the south that day and Grai slept over at my place. My cousins surprised me with balloons and a cartolina with "Happy birthday, kulot!" written on it. It was actually a good day with really bad memories (my boyfriend and I had a really bad breakup for the worst reason), but the night ended up quite good, I guess :-)

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