30 April 2011

Things that piss me off

1. Incorrect grammar

Okay, so it's not anyone's fault if someone does not know how to speak straight English. But this is taught in school- elementary through secondary. In those ten to eleven years, have you not learned anything? There's the common incorrect usage of their, they're and there; your and you're. And then there's incorrect usage of conjunctions: at, in, on, with, etc. There is also a problem with subject-verb agreement. If it's a singular noun, you add an 's' to the verb. If it's plural, then the verb remains as is. There is an exception to the possessive nouns 'I' and 'you'.

And then there's this thing I noticed a few years back when people started adding 's' to collective nouns. The reason they are called collective nouns is because it refers to a group of nouns. For example stuff can refer to a ball, a shoe, a pen and a phone. What I mean is, a ball is not referred to as a stuff because it's a single thing. Now, if you are referring to a ball and a shoe, it does not become stuffs. It still remains as the singular form of the noun, stuff. It's the same thing with the word food. If an apple is food then two apples doesn't make it foods. I do not know if the word foods is accepted in the English language, but I think that if it is accepted, it would refer to different types of cuisines.

Lastly, I really hate it when people make use of the phrase "I was suppose to..." and "I use to...". Here, you are referring to actions that you have done in the past. Therefore it should be: "I was supposed to..." and "I used to...". For example: "I was supposed to do this yesterday." as opposed to "I suppose we can make it work.".

I am not perfect, so don't get me wrong. This is just a bad case of grammar OCD. And forgive me if I sound so much like an English teacher but if you cannot speak in straight English, you can always just speak in Filipino. After all, we are in the Philippines. So it's a sure shot that most people, if not everyone, will understand you.

2. People in fast food chains who service slow

So I got the idea for this entry while waiting for my to go order in KFC. I was first in line and I was glad that the counter girl was friendly and customer-oriented. However, it took her about ten minutes to give me my order of hotshots, fries, and coke. Three things that are already prepared beforehand, waiting to just be put inside the plastic bag and it took her ten fucking minutes. I kept my cool cause she was accommodating, but if she was some bitch, I would've blown up right in front of her. These places are not called fast food chains for nothing but it sure does make me think otherwise.

This is all I could think of for now but I'm sure I'm pissed about a lot of other things, hahaha! :-) Till next time!

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