18 April 2011

Perfect weather for a morning wedding

For my cousin's morning wedding, everyone opted for a fresh and clean look. I did normal makeup except that I put twice as much foundation, double falsies, brick nude lipstick + lipgloss. Sorry for the disturbing / scary eyes! It's because of my geo contacts :) Anyway, here is my finished product. I was so stupid not to take a photo of the eye makeup that I did, but I applied a gold shadow to my lids and reddish brown shadow on my crease. I loved how my eyes just pops out because of the lashes, hahaha :-)

I normally wear my hair down, and since I'm not curly anymore, I blow dried my hair to increase the volume. It had little effect on me, so I ended up putting my hair in a sort of messy ponytail that looked like this:

Just wanted to share this with you. Ciao! xx

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