21 February 2011

The only easier thing than this is keeping a pet rock

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to Robinson's Place, Manila. We planned to watch Love and Other Drugs originally, but it wasn't showing anymore so we just roamed around and bought lots of stuff instead. Anyway, before reaching the mall, we stumbled upon a man selling hermit crabs in the street. It was my first time to see so many hermit crabs in my life, and I was surprisingly fascinated by them. That resulted to us rushing into the mall to buy a small aquarium with sand, and buying three hermit crabs. I was fascinated with them the whole night! I can't explain what the hell happened to me. I mean, I'm really an animal lover, but hermit crabs?! Get real.

Anyway, taking care of them isn't one of life's hardest missions. As I read in one website, the only thing easier than this is keeping a rock as a pet.

This is the small aquarium we bought. I read that I need to put more sand than that, cause these crabs need to bury themselves.

I read that it's hard to tell a hermit crab's gender by just looking at it, but the street vendor said orange ones are females and the purple-blue ones are male. Anyway, this small one right here is Chuchay

This one is Butchukoy. He's the only male and the smallest of the bunch. He's also very shy; doesn't go out that much unless there's food.

This one is the biggest (and presumably, oldest) among the three. We named her Ayang. 

Lorenze and I chose such names cause I wouldn't want to name a hermit crab some cheesy, cute name like Chili. It just doesn't fit, don't you agree?

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