20 February 2011

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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When I searched the web for "funny movies", Scott Pilgrim vs The World came out of the search. The title seemed interesting so I downloaded it. Last night, I finally got a chance to watch it.

Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is a twenty-two year old dork who's dating a Chinese, Catholic high school girl, Knives Chau (Ellen Wong). But everyone knows he's only dating her because he can't get over his most recent ex who signed with a record label and broke his heart. Then he meets Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), the girl of his dreams -- literally. So he falls in love with her at first sight, but for him to be able to date her, he has to defeat her seven evil exes, win the battle of the bands (Sex Bomb Omb) and break up with his current girlfriend.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World was an adaptation from a comic book series of the same name. The film has incorporated a video game plot with its difficult battles as a quest to win a girl's heart. Also, the movie is filled with graphics and captioning that is reminiscent of a comic book or, again, a video game. Much of the humor in this film relied perpetually on the cast of its supporting actors: Kim Pine (Alison Pill), Julie Powers (Aubrey Plaza) and Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin), whose characters are executed beautifully. What I also liked about this film's cast is that none of them faded in the background. Everyone just had their own character and impact, as was not forgotten throughout the film. And of course, how can I forget the awkward and charming Michael Cera who has made this film worth watching.

In our age and time, video games are our language. This is what we grew up with -- starting with the Nintendo, Mario Kart, and now there's COD Black Ops. Being able to capture this era in an entire film is what made Scott Pilgrim vs The World brilliant and amusing. Three and a half stars.

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