17 January 2011

Sunday morning, rain is falling

Yesterday was a cold Sunday perfect for family bonding :-)

We had lunch in Manong's, eating only Filipino cuisine -- chicharong bulaklak, crispy tadyang, laing and crispy pla-pla. Then, we ate frozen yoghurt in Frutti Froyo, such a nice, modern yoghurt place.

Mom and dad shared a cup of pistachio flavored froyo with walnuts and pecan nuts.

My brother isn't big on toppings so he settled for vanilla flavored froyo with Hershey's chocolate syrup.

I had the vanilla-taro swirl flavored froyo with my all-time favorite toppings, strawberries and mangoes!!! :-)

I was supposed to have my hair cut in South Salon or Salon de Manila but both were closed :-( I decided to have my hair cut in Piandre instead. I didn't know any hair stylist there so I had to choose between the creative stylist or the artistic stylist. Their difference? Only they would know. I'd post a picture of my new 'do but it's 3:38 in the morning and I look like crap so maybe tomorrow? Anyhow, I'm going home north tomorrow so no internet again for I don't know how long. I hope Globe comes over soon to replace my PLDT DSL with their broadband.

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