19 January 2011


It saddens me how friendship nowadays are based on quantity rather than quality. If there's one thing that college has taught me, it's that you only live for you. You don't live for impressing your so-called friends. Such a question is always asked, Would you rather have lots of acquaintances or just a handful of best friends?
I feel happiness and contentment in finding friendship in people who don't judge me for who I really am, for the things I like to do, the decisions I've made or the mistakes that I've committed. Because quite frankly, everybody lies and everybody cheats. Making bad choices and taking the wrong road at some point in your life just makes you appreciate turning the other way or making a complete U-turn when you lose your way. You're probably going to hit a dead end anyway; and once you reach rock bottom, there's no where to go but up.

It feels so much better to be able to tell your side of the story without questions of judgement and without seeking for approval. It's your life, it's your business. They're supposed to be there for support and they're supposed to be able to allow you to make mistakes. Because after all, your true friends are those that will stick around with you, maybe curse you here and there, but they will be by your side when everything goes haywire.

Point is, I don't really care about how large my circle of friends is. Why should I, when I have just a number of people who I can trust my life with? If people want to get drunk and high with their friends, then why the fuck should I care? I know they won't be there when you're fucking sober anyway.

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