23 January 2011

Of wake boarding and ass kicking

Thursday, January 20, I slept over at Grai's condo because (1) she was buying drinks that night and (2) we had plans for her birthday the next day. I went there and watched her and Raffy play Fifa '11 in this new computer / gaming shop in Burgundy. She kicked his ass with a final score of 7-4 for 8 (or 10) games I think. Anyway, Lorenze and I spent the rest of the night and the early morning in Rooftop with Grai and her roomies and team mates.

Our happy Thursday turned into a happier Friday when we went to Lago de Oro for the celebration of Grai's 19th birthday! Too bad Grai forgot to bring her memory card so we didn't have high res photos. As usual, we just took photos off of the trusty iPhone cam. We failed to take pictures during the wake boarding session, but we'll surely go back and we'll definitely take so much pictures!!! Grai and I kicked the boys' asses cause Grai got to the end of the track and I almost got to the end. It's girl's week this week! The boys want to catch up to our awesomeness next week so we'll see about that. :-)

Anyway, after the session, Raffy prepared a dinner in a raft out in the sea. It was sort of a little surprise for Grai :-)

Here's the birthday girl with yoghurt cake. I think it has strawberries and bananas :-)

Grai with Raffy :-)

Aren't they such a cute couple? :-)

Here's a picture of the raft

I made her pose with the two boys as her body guards haha

Only two pictures with my best friend!

It was quite funny cause my boyfriend wanted to navigate and push the raft with manong. He just loves feeling local. Hahaha! :-)

Grai's turn to sit on the nav seat 

It was too windy that Raffy and I found it hard to light Grai's cake

She ended up lighting it herself hahaha

The manong even offered this wooden board to block off the wind!

We finally did it!!!! :-)

... and she can now eat her cake :-)

My turn at the nav seat! Haha

Raffy and Grai had the good lighting 

We had the bad. But it's okay cause it wasn't my birthday hahaha 

Raffy ordered Margherita pizza (pardon me I don't know the spelling!) and we ate our Mushroom Burgers that were supposed to be for lunch!  

We went home later than planned cause we lost our way! We were driving towards the core of Batangas instead of getting out of it. Hahaha anyway we wasted about thirty minutes or so and toll money but we eventually found our way :-)


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