27 January 2011

Movie Review: Dinner for Schmucks

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True friendship isn't about being there when it's convenient. It's about being there when it's not. - Author Unknown
Today, I had to get my picture taken cause I'm getting my Australian visa on Thursday. My cousin's getting married in March and I hope to be able to attend. Yay me! :-)

Anyway, when I got home, I watched this movie called Dinner for Schmucks -- it's supposed to be funny especially cause it's starring Steve Carell as Barry, you're number one idiot. The story starts out when Tim (Paul Rudd) gets promoted from the 6th floor to the 7th and is supposed to hunt for an idiot to bring to a dinner hosted by his boss every month. He tells his girlfriend, Julie (Stephanie Szostak), and she disagrees with the idea. He calls his secretary and asks her to cancel the dinner for him when he bumps this person on the road, trying to run after a mouse. This is when Tim meets Barry for the first time and invites him to the dinner. Julie finds out about the Tim that she doesn't know and their relationship starts to go haywire from here. Include Darla (Lucy Punch), who Tim slept with one time even before he met Julie and has been stalking him ever since, and their relationship was flushed down the drain. 

Barry sticks with Tim even though the dinner isn't until tomorrow and does stupid things that makes Tim's whole life complicated. He ambushes Tim's brunch with potential client, Mueller (David Walliams), by bringing Darla to the brunch-turned-double-date in place of Julie and makes Tim propose to Julie (which is really Darla). But then the real Julie shows up and things between them just gets worse. 

Tim eventually feels as though he has lost his job and his relationship with Julie all because of Barry. The dinner eventually takes place and Tim is surprised to see Barry there. Barry wins the trophy for being the idiot champ and his extraordinary hobby of collecting mice and dressing them up like dolls; winning over Therman (Zach Galifianakis) who supposedly has mind control. He wins because Tim finally stands up to his values and stuck with doing the right thing even though it might cost him his job.

The good: 
Carell is a natural at all things funny. He has a knack for cracking jokes while keeping a serious face and that's what makes the film and effective comedy movie. 
Szostak is a beauty. She's not a standout, but she is gorgeous and her chemistry with Rudd makes their love affair look natural.
Galifianakis has very little role in this movie but he hasn't failed to make an impression. He's one of those comedic actors that I find really entertaining because his execution of roles is effective for me. I also loved him in the movie Due Date.
Barry's collection is definitely extraordinary. It's very interesting, he makes them into little dolls and even makes a scenery for them. It's also good that they have made a background to this hobby -- Barry is left by his wife for Therman and this is how he relives their memories.
Punch is so annoying throughout the film and I just wanted to punch her the moment she stuck her mouth down Rudd's throat but I guess that means her character was effective.
The so-so: 
Of course it ends in a good way. I'm still waiting for a film that ends as though it's reality. More like (500) Days of Summer. Tim gets his act straight -- standing up for Barry and beating the bad guys (his colleagues), and getting the girl.

The bad:
The movie was filled with too much "extraordinary" people aka idiots. I'm wondering how a group of supposedly normal people could find an idiot each just in time for the dinner. Kieran wasn't a help either. I find it strange that Julie's "other man" is a weird art freak who paints self portraits and is famous for them and a sex-in-the-jungle maniac. 
I guess the real bad about this movie for me, is that though I enjoyed watching it, it was a one time watch. I don't feel the need to watch it again and for me, that's something that film makers need to work on. Their film pieces should be those that exude a vibe that makes their audience want to watch it again and again... and again.

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