15 January 2011

Movie Review: I Love You, Beth Cooper

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I'm really a film-enthusiast and that's why I watch movies all the freakin' time. I am fascinated by those which have good reviews and interesting trailers and I don't usually watch films that are a no-brainer. I particularly don't like cheesy teen movies featuring stereotypes in high school or perhaps a nerd falling in love with the hottest girl in school as in The Girl Next Door. Years ago, I enjoyed watching Not Another Teen Movie and The American Pie series because I thought it to be funny and being as sex-driven as it is, it was supposedly interesting. But I wouldn't even think about watching it now cause then it would be nothing but boring.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a DVD of I Love You, Beth Cooper in Grai's condo the last time I slept over. I popped it into my DVD drive. It all starts when Dennis Cooverman (Paul Rust), a nerdy valedictorian who proposes his love for Beth Cooper (Hayden Panetierre), the most popular and hottest girl in school, during his graduation speech. He is utterly surprised that Cooper talks to him after the ceremony and more astounded that she shows up with her two sidekicks in his house that evening for a "party". She is determined to give him a night that he will never forget.

Frankly, I would have done a much better film review if they've done a much better job! All throughout the movie, there was craziness -- punching, old school bullying, reckless driving and the like. But when the movie was finally over, I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. I haven't noticed much except for the fact that Panetierre's ass was tight and her arms were macho and Rust's nose was too big for his face. I couldn't find a much better word to describe this film than boring. Seriously, I wouldn't mind watching teen-angst movies if the story line were deeper. For this movie, I give two thumbs down and honestly, I would've given anything to just waste two hours of my life staring at absolutely nothing than watching this film over again.

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