03 January 2011

Late night double date

I was finally able to get some internet access! I love our place here in Taft that we like to call gilid -- there's a wide variety of food choices, an open area so we could smoke and WiFi from Jollibee that's just across the street! Anyway, Grai and I are sitting side by side right now, with our Macs open, only talking in bits and pieces cause we're both busy, hahaha!

Anyhow, I was with Lorenze last night before meeting up with Grai and Raffy cause we were all supposed to go to Taft together. We ate dinner in SM Southmall's food court, and can I just say the place looks way different from what I remember. We went to Grai's place afterwards to wait for Raffy to pick us up. After he did, we decided to go to Army Navy in Alabang to stop by for some burgers and quesadilla. The food was great, but our talks were better :-) We talked about everything from high school shenanigans to growing up and moving on. Anyway, here are some pictures from last night :-)

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