03 January 2011


Lorenze and I & Raffy and Grai were up until 6:30 this morning, just talking about the most random things. So while the boys drove home, us girls went to sleep. Of course we woke up later than expected! We got up at around 1:00 in the afternoon when we said we'd be out of the condo at 9 or 10 in the morning. Anyway, we showered, got dressed and put our make-up on, went to the Admissions Office of CSB and had late lunch / merienda in Yutaka Izakaya. I just gotta say that I've been dying to eat at that restaurant since it opened because I'm a very big fan of Japanese cuisine. Since it's finals week in Benilde, and LaSalle hasn't resumed classes yet, there were not much people dining in the place. I ordered Nigiri Sushi and Salmon Sashimi and it was nothing short of amazing. The food weren't overpriced as well. The sushi servings were generous and fresh, and they used authentic Japanese rice! I love that place already.. I'm definitely going back :-)

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