31 December 2010

A review on: Ienne's Cupcakes

I first tasted Ienne's cupcakes when my mom brought home four pieces from Alabang Town Center. I'm not much of a sweet tooth -- I rarely eat cakes and cupcakes cause I don't like icings -- well, except for choco-caramel and chocolate truffle cakes. So when I do eat sweets, they probably taste really good and they're probably too irresistible to eat!

Anyway, Ienne's cupcakes are definitely an exception to the rule! It's not too sweet, the cake isn't porous and the cream vanilla icing is the best in the world! They starting price was only Php55 but I think they've raised it to Php80 per piece because of the sales. Considering it's packaging and taste, I'd say it's certainly worth it! :-)

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Disclaimer: The photo above wasn't taken by me, I found it in Google images

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