19 June 2011


I consider myself to be one lucky girl cause I got to grow up with two dads :-)

I come from what you would call a broken family. My parents separated when I was still at a very young age. I grew up with my mom and I saw my papa during weekends. We would shop till we drop, eat merienda in Shakey's, and be with each other till I fall asleep at night. I remember getting "mad" at him every time he'd attempt to leave the bed when I was still not asleep.

When I was ten, my mom remarried. It was a little bit hard at first cause I was used to just being with her. But this man turned my life upside down. He supported me and loved me and treated me as his own, and for that, I couldn't be more grateful. I remember the times when he was still my mom's boyfriend and how he'd also make ligaw to me and how he'd always try to "win" me too.

Years later (and I'm sure you know this already), I moved in with my papa. We became closer than ever and I couldn't be happier. He taught me so many important things in life like being responsible and independent. And I don't just mean that he loves to lecture me. He actually let's me have a taste of freedom and reality and let's me make my own judgements and mistakes. I guess for me, experience is the best teacher. And with my papa, that's what I truly got... experience. At the same time, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten what it feels like to have a solid immediate family at your side. It's still hard at times but I guess I just did what I felt I needed to do... not to rebel or turn my back on the people who raised me; but instead learn to face things on my own, without having anyone to help me back up.

To my dad,
Thank you for being the most selfless person I know. I am so glad I have met you and I couldn't be more thankful that you are the person my mom chose to spend the rest of her life with. You two are perfect for each other. I thank you for giving me an adorable little brother (whom I miss terribly) who I love with all of my heart. Thank you for protecting me from all the bad things this world has to offer and thank you for accepting me with open arms. I will forever be thankful to you for all the things that you have done for me. I love you more than you will ever know.

To my papa,
I know we have had our differences in the past and I'm glad we have settled them and come to find that we have so much in common. Thank you for giving me the things that I really need- but not too much of it that I have to lift my feet off from the ground. You have taught me the things that is most essential in life and I love how you treat me like an adult and at the same time, you never fail to lecture me when I have done wrong. When I decided to live with you, we both accepted that there would be changes in our lives. But it is you who had to undergo most of the sacrifices that is a result of the decision that only I made. I cannot forget how you dropped everything to "come to rescue me" and made everything seem possible. Thank you for letting me go and holding me in at the same time. Thank you for being a parent and a friend. I am most grateful because of the relationship that we now have and that only the two of us will understand. I love you to the moon and back.


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