07 June 2011

Curiosity killed the cat

As most of you might already know, I'm taking up Travel and Tourism as my final course in college. Having to explain this to everyone who asks is such a hassle. What really happened was I originally had taken up Human Biology in the hopes of becoming a doctor. With lack of focus and probably determination as well, I failed a few math and chemistry subjects. I wanted to shift to International Studies major in European studies but my mom advised me to take up a business course instead and that's what got me into Marketing Management. It was a whole different thing altogether but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I breezed through four terms without any unit failures so that was a good thing until I took up Business Calculus and Financial Management in one term. I suck at math so bad and it probably isn't a good enough excuse for most of you, but I guess it's the reason why I failed both. And it's also the reason why I decided to transfer schools. I had failed so many units already and I thought to myself that I didn't want to wait till the school kicked me out. At least transferring schools was a decision I had to make by choice.

Anyway, I was supposed to take up Consular in Diplomatic Affairs which is closer to International Studies but decided against it because I felt it wasn't broad enough of a course and industry to take. I resulted into taking BS-Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management major in Travel in Tourism. When I tell my friends this, they often ask me: "So ano ka na in the future? Taga-tour, ganon?" (What will you be in the future? A tourist guide?)

For the record, being in the Tourism industry doesn't only mean becoming a tourist guide. It means arranging, managing and organizing events. It may also mean venturing into the advertising and marketing world. I can even become a hotelier. Tourism is one of the things that makes this country's economy run. When you guys go on vacations locally or abroad, that's tourism. Attending events and seminars in the country or in foreign lands is also tourism.

Seriously, how can so many people know little about this? Having to explain it to everyone feels like I'm lecturing an 8-year old kid.

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