11 February 2011

Belle Vision

I started to put makeup on when I was in second-year high school, but learning how to apply makeup the right way only became important in college. Inspired by watching too much America's Next Top Model, I urged myself to always look good and presentable. 

My boyfriend often tells me I look better without any makeup on, but I completely disagree. I dislike going out of the house without any makeup on, and I only do so on rare occasions. Unless I have an exam for my first class, I end up being late because I spend too much time doing this. It has become more of a daily routine for me, rather than only applying it for special events. My mother said I've become better at applying junk on my face because I put on too much, but end up looking natural. 

Anyway, when papa left for Australia to attend a conference last year, I asked him to buy me makeup brushes. I used to use brushes that are single-packaged and of different brands. I have a cousin in Australia that's a shopping freak and she picked this set out for me -- it's perfect.

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Kirkland Signature by Borghese (15-pc Premium Cosmetic Brush Collection including a Travel Cosmetic Brush Set) 

1. Face
(a) Large Powder Brush - This brush is ideal for applying loose powder or mineral powder, but you can also use it to put on pressed powder. I love that it gives just the right amount of powder on my face and allows me to look polished and natural.

(b) Flat-top Bronzer Brush - It's a circular face brush that is used for applying bronzers and cheek colors. The flat top makes it easier to apply cheek color onto your face from your cheekbones to your temples.

(c) Angled Foundation Brush - I used to apply foundation and concealer just like a moisturizer - using my fingertips, but it doesn't give me an even finish and I also end up wasting products on my fingers. That's why I love the angle on this brush because it allows me to apply foundation evenly, even in the hard to reach areas like the eyes, nose and lips. 

2. Face / Eyes
(a) Eyeshadow Brush - It's just the right size for me and applies the right amount of color to my eyelids.

(b) Eye Blending Brush - Unfortunately, this kit doesn't include a contour brush so I have to use one that's of a different brand. Anyway, this brush allows me to blend in the colors to soften lines or edges.

(c) Flat Eyeliner Brush - This is one of the brushes I don't use everyday because I like using coal / liquid liner just above my lash line. When I tried to use it though, it gave me a very good finish because it allowed me to put liners on my eyes precisely. It also can be used dry or wet with eye shadow.

3. Eyes
(a) Eye Smudger - The smudger is ideal for creating smoky eyes (which is a technique I haven't fully mastered yet). I don't use this one that much mainly because, well, I have no use for it yet. Also, it feels kinda rough on my lids so I have to find a way to soften it a bit. 

(b) Brow Brush and Spooley Duo - This brush has an angled brow brush on one end that allows you to contour your eyebrows and can also be used to apply soft lines on your lids using gel or powder. The spooley on the other end is used to shape your brows for a more polished look.

(c) Eyelash Curler - I got lucky because the kit contained a curler! Plus, it curls my lashes just like a Shu Uemura curler. This lash curler is one of my favorites because it doesn't crimp my lashes, unlike other brands. Just remember to use the curler on clean lashes ONLY and not after you've applied mascara.

4. Travel
(a) Travel-Sized Powder Brush - This brush is convenient for quick touchups of face powders and cheek colors. I use it just as I use the full-sized powder brush, although it's mainly just for touchups because it won't give you the same even look of the full-sized brush.

(b) Travel-Sized Concealer Brush - This brush is perfect for applying concealer or foundation to the tiniest corners (ie: outer corners of the eyes) and creases around the nose. I've never used this brush cause I don't normally bring concealer or foundation when I leave the house with a made-up face.

(c) Travel Sized Eye Blending Brush - This brush is perfect for on the go eyeshadow application or touchup.

(d) Travel-Sized Flat Eyeliner Brush - Liners always smudge especially after I perspire. If I get to use the full-sized eyeliner brush, then I'd get to use this too. It will definitely come in handy when the liners on my lids smudge.

The full-sized brushes and travel-sized brushes come with cosmetic brush cases designed to fit their sizes. It's made of faux leather, it's stylish, and it's handy. What I love about this is that the kit is really designed to fit the cosmetic brushes -- no more scattered brushes all over my makeup kit -- and also, keeps my brushes protected from dirt. Anyway, what I like about my brushes is that it's made of anti-microbial and synthetic, cruelty-free bristles that's very soft on my skin (I like this fact because my older brushes were harsh on my skin which resulted to little rashes that looked like bite-marks). Also, the bristle tips are white which allows me to see how much color I put on my skin.

I think this brush-set is one of a kind and is only found on rare occasions. I even heard that when there's a mass marketing of this product, people tend to hoard it because it's really good. Try to read other reviews as this is just my point of view and experience.

** Description of brushes are from the Brush Collection Brochure that's included in the kit.

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