02 January 2011

Of loud noises and fireworks

It's officially the second day of January, 2k11. I still can't believe another year has gone by. But just like they say... If you're happy, then you don't need to change :-)

Anyway, I haven't gotten the chance to upload the pictures from New Year's Eve so I'll blog about that next time. Forgive me for wanting to talk about something personal here.

So for the last three years that I've been in college, it was nothing but a blast. It was like a steady roller coaster ride -- not too many loops and not too scary, but I'd throw my hands up in the air and scream when there's a plunge. When I was a kid, I always dreamt about being in the tourism industry cause both my parents are in that field. At present, they are known quite well in the tourism industry and for that, I'm treated nicely. I wanted to work in a five-star hotel just like my papa did because it carries class and prestige. But more than that, I wanted to be a flight stewardess. All I had to do was be a waitress in the air and look pretty all the time. But of course, I'm not tall enough to become a stewardess in a good airline company.

Second, I wanted to be a doctor. I've always wanted to be a pediatrician and watching Grey's Anatomy and House pushed me to want to become a neurosurgeon. In the four universities that I've applied to for college, I put in a pre-med course as my first choice. Eventually, I got into De LaSalle University as a Human Biology major. I was so proud of myself especially after I've learned that the university only accepts one hundred students who apply in that course in a year. For a year and a half, I studied Zoology, Anatomy, Chemistry, and more Chemistry. The turning point for me came when I failed Botany. My mom said I had two choices, get out of the course before I get kicked out of the school or continue the course in a different school. Of course I chose to shift out. It was a heartbreak, but I eventually learned how to deal with it.

I wanted to take International Studies major in European Studies but my mom didn't allow me. Instead, she wanted me to take a business course. So that's how I ended up being a Marketing Management student. I'd have to say, the course is definitely easier than my previous course. But naturally, I had to take up business subjects that also required staying up late: Accounting, Economics, Law, etc. This last term, I've had to take up Calculus and Financial Management and I've gotta say that took me out of my comfort zone way more than what I would have wanted. It was so far out that I have decided to take a course that I really want. It's called Consular of Diplomatic Affairs and it's offered by the De LaSalle - College of Saint Benilde. I haven't said a word to many people and I wanted to keep it in my system for as long as I can. But I felt that without writing about it, I wasn't being honest to myself.

With that said, I'm taking time off next term so I'll have a lot of free time on my hands. I don't really want to be a bum so I'm thinking of applying to work at Starbucks or something... I'll think of something, I always do.

Anyway, I celebrated New Year's Day with my family of course! :-) We met up with some of our relatives and had dinner at Kabisera, The Fort. We had coffee in Seattle's Best afterwards. I ordered their new Mint Chocolate Javakula made with Oreo Cookies -- it was delicious! But it's not what I would've usually ordered; I felt like it was more of a chocolate drink with coffee rather than a coffee drink with chocolate. Anyway, here's a picture :-)

Also, to make up for not having to post the 12/31/10 and the 1/1/11 photos, here's a picture of me in my pj's with my make up still on! Sweet dreams! :-)

XO, Sofia

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