31 December 2010

Ending 2010 with a fizzle, Starting 2010 with a bang

Today is the last day of 2010 and I've decided to make a photoblog as a tribute to my 2k10 :-)

Spent my first New Year with my Garcia family. Nikki was already drunk on the sofa so she missed all the fireworks!

Grai turned 18! She was the only one who wanted a traditional debut celebration out of us four...

Justin and I hosted her party :-)

And of course we spent the night with friends! 

Mommy Lulu came home for a vacation! I was so stoked to have her around :-)

For Holy Week, I went to Vigan, Ilocos Sur with Achi, Shobe and Papa. This is the province of Mommy Lulu and my cousins would always go here, but it was my first time and I enjoyed it very much! :-)

We did so much stuff like eat the famous Vigan Empanada... I loved it by the way! :-)

Visited former President Quirino's mansion. The picture above is the Spolarium. I'm not sure if it's the original painting though.

Went to Ilocos Norte to see the Marcos Museum. Of course we weren't allowed to take a picture of the corpse, but we saw it :-)

And of course, the famous Crisologo street in Vigan :-)

I had so much fun in Vigan that summer. The food and the company was great. I can't wait for Mommy Lulu's next vacation so I can go back to Ilocos! :-)

The weekend before finals for the third term, I went to Boracay with my cousins.

Of course, there's the traditional picture with the sand castle

During the second day, we went parasailing, helmet diving and jet skiing. I won't post pictures of those anymore :-)

My relatives from Australia came home for a summer vacation. (L-R) Karl, Me, Achi Xing and Tiffany, Nikki. This photo was taken in Jack's Loft, Eastwood while we were having cocktails and cheescake :-)

Everyone went shopping at Greenhills! :-) We ate at Dencio's or Gerry's Grill, I don't really remember. My papa joined us later that night.

I almost didn't leave the house because I had so much fun bonding with my cousins! :-)

We usually just stayed in front of my laptop, making videos or taking pictures using photobooth. Sometimes we'd focus ourselves in front of our iTouches!

Andrew's Baptism followed suit :-)

The reception was held in Grand Terraces, Commonwealth. The food was really great! :-)

Quisha celebrated her debut prior to her actual birthday. The event was held in their restobar, Bistro Aventine in BF Resort. It was a really fun night full of shots and drinks! Although I think drinks had to stop flowing at 12mn due to the liquor ban the next day.

Everyone wore black and white for the black and pink themed party :-)

We took lots of photobooth pictures! :-) Too bad the hard copy of these photos were in the wallet I lost a few months back.

I got pretty wasted that night!

I guess the highlight of my summer was going to the beach in Laiya, Batangas :-) This trip almost didn't push through.. Luckily, I was persistent! And look, everybody was there :-)

At first they played beach volleyball, then we ate lunch. Mostly, we just sunbathed and swam. There were some row boats on the other part of the beach, so that's where we stayed to drink beer and eat chips :-)

Julio turned 8 this year! :-) I had to go home to Las Pinas to celebrate his birthday with him.

Mom and dad gave him a Batman costume. He loves these sorts of things :-)

We ate lunch in Cyma, Alabang Town Center that day :-)

After a gazillion years, I finally went to the salon to have my hair trimmed! I just had it thinned and had them put some bangs on me for that playful look, but I really didn't want to have my hair shortened yet.

We celebrated Alex's 20th birthday in their house somewhere near Mira Nila. That's super near our place and I was just so happy that my friends were there.. Almost all of them come from the south by the way :-)

Jr brought his niece, Eve, to the party. She's such a cute little girl! :-) Since I was the only person in the pool who didn't have a significant other, I played with her instead. I think she had so much fun but she had to get out of the pool early cause it was getting cold :-)

We also celebrated Chek's birthday, but this time it was in Katipunan. He hugged me just after he had been pushed into the pool!

The girls weren't able to come so it was just me, Marj and Nirielle. Here I am with the boys :-)

Two of my favorite boys, Pj and Jerico :-)

Celebrated my mom's 47th birthday by eating a fancy dinner at the Sky Lounge Restaurant in Vivere Suites, Alabang.

This was what I had for that dinner. It doesn't look too appealing in this photo but trust me, it's sooooo delicious! :-)

Come August, it was Gevinn's 19th birthday! :-)

We celebrated it in Hyatt Hotel :-)

Singing to Dancing Queen in the photo above :-)

We went back to Boracay during August. The waves were going wild! :-)

It was much more relaxing cause there weren't much people. There were more of foreigners; Koreans and Americans.

This time, we didn't do any activities. We just got up, ate, swam, walk, had a massage, ate, sleep. All day, everyday. :-)

Suddenly, I turned 19! Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun :-) Met up with Grai and Lorenze after lunch and stayed in McDonald's Philam for a while.

Grai decided to sleep over at our house in TS, and when we got there, my cousins surprised me with balloons and a banner that said Happy birthday, Kulot! Really sweet! :-)

Afterwards, we drank The Bar at Achi Xing's house, and she showed me her new Blackberry Storm! We got sort of tipsy... I even broke our sink! 

I finally rekindled my love for basketball when I started to watch PBA live. Good thing we have all sorts of connections cause I've been dying to meet number 1 of the Meralco Bolts. I met him after they've won against BMeg Derby Ace during the eliminations. My ninong brought me to the dug out and I shook his hand and had our picture taken. What's kinda funny though was during their Game 2 against BMeg in the quarter finals, we were seated near the ring, and he sort of remembered me :-)

During Nikki's sembreak, and it was on a Friday so we had no classes. We bonded over food and watching Salt :-)

I had a photo shoot with my friends at the Burgundy Pacific Condomenium. The first theme was Metropolitan Chick and we used to rooftop for that. My friend Khari took the photo above.

The next set was sort of just Monochromatic. For me it mimicked a melancholic mood. The photos were taken in the hallway outside our friends' room. I specifically like this photo because it gives off that Guess model vibe and I've always wanted to be a model of Guess! :-)

I was feeling the Christmas spirit and I decided to put Christmas lights in my room! :-)

Celebrated Apple's birthday at Cabooze, BF Paranaque :-)

Went to Misibis Bay, Cagraray Island, Albay, Bicol with my papa. We spent the weekend here because it's where PICC held their last board meeting for the year 2010. The picture above was taken before we sailed away in the Hobbie Cat. The day before, I went scuba diving :-)

As a year ender, we had a Christmas party at Pj's house :-) The rules: Wear only green or red and bring a gift worth Php500!

We drank booze..

Exchanged gifts..

Played games! :-)

Did I mention they were naughty games? Hahaha! :-)

They even bought fireworks for complete effects! It was definitely a fun, fun night! They're absolutely the best! :-)

Last event I went to before the year ended was a small get together with my block mates in Greenbelt. There were supposed to be a lot of us, but some people bailed on the day itself. 

Anyway, they started the day having lunch in Yakimix. I wasn't able to join them because I woke up late, as usual! Hahaha. Anyway, I joined them in Timezone at around 3, we went to Landmark and Glorietta cause they had to look for gifts. We settled in Krokodile Grill in the late afternoon. We ordered a bucket of Tanduay Ice, 2 plates of Kropek and Gambas for me! :-) We also ordered cocktails! Margarita for me, White Russian and Pinacolada for Miko, Long Island Iced Tea and JB shot for Bram, Wipeout for David, Screwdriver for Rayson and a Frozen Margarita for Josh! :-)

** I'm still not dressed for the night so I'm going to update you guys with a New Year's Eve post maybe later or tomorrow :-)

To wrap things up, I had fun this year. Many things have happened to me and I've somehow done the best I could to straighten things out. 2010 was just ordinary for me.. It was just made better by the amazing people I surrounded myself with. Cheers to you guys! And I'm looking forward to another year filled with much more happiness to share with you! :-) 

Happy New Year and Cheers to 2011! :-)